Mileage To The Company

  1. All donations will have their logo printed on the entry tickets.
  2. Logo will appear with a link to the donor's website in this site. The first ten will appear on the home page.
  3. Around 30,000 tickets will be printed and distributed through dedicated 1500 'volunteer-members' through out Karnataka
  4. Rs.20,000 and above donations will have a banner on the corresponding items sponsored for the December 16th event.
  5. Associate Sponsors will get slots on the stage for their banners. Also the company name will be broadcast during event.
  6. Main Sponsor will have their banner on the center stage. Also the company name will be frequently advertised during the event.
  7. The Main Sponsors and associate sponsors' logos will be published in some of the leading dailies on December 15th.

* All the above is applicable only for donations received before June 30th, 2018.

Karanataka Districts

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